How to Prevent Over-spec’ing UPS Run Time

Video Transcript –

A lot of requests that we get, the customer doesn’t really understand what his specified Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) runtime actually means. A lot of the customers will specify that they want as an example 30 minutes at full load. In reality, I don’t think any UPS’s run at 100% load. So what ends up happening is that we end up using a larger battery than we should to give that 30 minutes at 100% run time where in actual fact the UPS might be running at only 70% or 65% which is much more common in the field. So, I urge the customers just to have a better idea as to how much power they have and the rough idea of how much run time they want. And based on those two figures we can then calculate the size battery that we would require, which obviously has a financial ramification.

ups run time

The smaller the battery, the lower the cost. We don’t want to throw away money for over-spec’ing the runtime when it’s not needed. I’d rather know the actual figures and give you some options with one size bigger or one size smaller battery and then you can decide based on how much runtime you would get.

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