Industrial Benefits of Having a Standby Generator

Power is a business necessity. When it goes out, you risk losing income and customers. Your inventory could suffer as well depending on the type of business.

Having a standby generator on hand protects your company, employees, and consumers.

Sudden loss of electricity can be short-term or long-term. But an outage that lasts as little as sixty minutes can cost a company thousands.

In an ITIC survey, 98% of the organizations reported that a single hour without power costs over R1 000,000.

If you don’t think having a generator is worth every penny, you will after reading this. Continue on to learn about the industrial benefits of a standby generator.

A Standby Generator Powers a Business Back up in Seconds

Almost anything can cause a power outage. Inclement weather, equipment failure, downed power lines, and wildlife are all culprits.

Regardless of whatever climate your business resides in, you risk the possibility of losing power. And these outages sometimes last from hours to days. But you can overcome potential loss with a generator on hand.

Generators power up fast, feeding electricity to your company in a matter of seconds. That’s how reliable they are.

Loss Prevention

Loss of electricity damages equipment, products, and puts inventory at risk for theft.

Electrical surges wreak havoc on equipment during outages. These spikes in electrical current happen when the power’s restored. They overload any equipment that requires power to run.

If you’re in the food industry, you risk contamination of goods through decomposition.

And, if the power goes out, so does your security system. None of the monitoring devices will function, leaving the business wide open to theft.

Generators act as backup systems to protect important pieces of equipment from damage. They also power up critical systems like alarms, registers, and computers in moments.

Steady Telecommunications and Employee Productivity

Outages disconnect you and your employees from the outside world. When the power fails, so does internet connectivity.

Desktop computers run off power in the building and laptops have limited power. This leaves employees and your company without access to clientele.

It also affects productivity, as employees sit idle during downtime. Time wasted is money wasted.

Having a generator keeps you connected to the world at all times. Business runs as usual and productivity doesn’t take a dive.

Keeping your employees at task helps maintain your company’s bottom line.


The safety of customers and employees is the number one priority during outages.

In a blackout, bathrooms become unusable, aisles turn into hazards and heat from poor ventilation gets dangerous.

Generators help eliminate hazard and fear by restoring normalcy fast.

Invest in a Generator

Standby generators make perfect sense. They’re the perfect solution to common and unusual power problems.

They give you peace of mind by keeping your business stable in the event of a power interruption. And, they help you safeguard the company’s wallet by keeping the lights on.

Let us be your generator supplier. Enquire now to save your business from the costly consequences of a blackout.

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