Why Back-Up Power Solutions are Vital for the Petrochemical Industry

South Africa’s unstable power grid and the constant threat of load shedding can be extremely costly for the petrochemical industry – this is why a backup power solution is a worthwhile investment.

Why you should invest in backup power solutions

Alongside the fragility of the South African power grid is the reality that industrial plants often suffer from power outages. This could be anything relating to equipment failure, leaving the petrochemical plant in even more need of backup power solutions. Here is how backup power solutions are beneficial:

1. Increased profitability

Power outages are believed to cost the South African economy about R300 million a day. Unplanned power outages at petrochemical plants are believed to be more expensive than the total cost of fires, floods, service failures and hardware problems combined. By installing petrochemical backup power solutions, there will be no lost revenue during power outages or scheduled maintenance. 

2. Equipment protection 

Equipment used by the petrochemical industry is extremely costly and the drive is always to get maximum use out of any equipment. Power outages – and the resultant electric surges – will undoubtedly damage any sensitive equipment which means that, in addition to lost revenue during downtime, you are having to pay for costly replacements as well. Backup power solutions will ensure equipment is protected from outages and surges at all times.  

3. Health and safety 

The health and safety implications of any power outages are hugely detrimental. These potentially catastrophic accidents and environment-harming releases will not only negatively affect employees, daily operations and surrounding areas but could cost a petrochemical company hugely in fines because of health and safety regulatory infringements. Not to mention the PR disaster this poses. Backup power solutions will protect petrochemical plant employees and operations from disaster. 

4. Job security

Downtime results in lost productivity which inevitably means laying off staff. With the South African unemployment rate sitting at a high of 29%, the economy needs the industry to be retaining and growing its staff base. Backup power solutions will minimise downtime, decreasing the chance of staff losses while also ensuring elevated staff morale. 

Petrochemical backup power solutions

  • The Uninterruptible power supply (UPS) will give battery backup when there’s a power outage or drop in power. 
  • Generators converts mechanical energy into electrical energy.

Suppliers of backup power solutions will ensure you have all the necessary backup systems, including: 

  • Point-of-use computers
  • Batteries
  • Communications systems
  • Power Distribution Units
  • Power conditioners
  • Emergency lighting

In the event of a power outage, your back-up power systems will ensure all critical systems remain online, and emergency communications and lighting are available, so the petrochemical plant is able to continue operating in safe conditions until the restoration of power. 

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