UPS backup power solutions for call centres

Why a UPS system is a necessary backup power solution for call centres

After a few months’ hiatus, South Africa is once again experiencing load shedding which means corporations are looking for reliable backup power solutions. For call centres, that’s the UPS.

Purpose of call centres

Call centres provide a vital link between a company and its customers ensuring customer satisfaction and business efficiency. The information supplied by a call centre is critical in retaining existing customers by meeting their on-demand needs and, if a call centre is without power, there are detrimental implications for countless organisations. A UPS is the ultimate call centre backup power solution until power returns to the grid. 

What is a UPS backup power solution?

There are many options when it comes to backup power supply solutions for the corporate sector, all varying in efficiency and price. In the case of call centres, however, the uninterruptible power supply (UPS) is generally considered the preferred option. The UPS supplies battery backup power through an inverter when the utility power fails or drops below unacceptable voltage levels. This allows the call centre to protect all relevant hardware such as computers, data centres, telecommunication equipment or other electrical equipment where an unexpected power disruption could cause injuries, fatalities, serious business disruption or data loss. UPS systems range in model type and size depending on the need, protecting everything from a single computer to powering entire data centres.

Benefits of UPS backup for call centres

Load shedding has returned and, with it, a detrimental impact on the South African economy. According to reports, it’s estimated that the South African economy lost around R12 billion during three days of Stage 4 load shedding in March. The cost for companies relying on call centres is expected to be substantial if the correct backup power solutions aren’t in place. Here are some of the many benefits of a UPS as a backup call centre power solution.  

  • Communication lines 

The open lines of communication between a call centre and customer are vital to the existence of call centres and the survival of many corporations. Call centres are responsible for fielding incoming and outgoing calls, often 24 hours a day, distributing inquiries and ensuring customer satisfaction. A UPS backup power solution will keep the system connected in the event of a power outage. 

  • Data security

Call centres are responsible for the storage and transference of a wealth of valuable data which could be jeopardised if there is a break in power. When this occurs, the system will be completely secure because of the UPS backup power supply. This means that clients can be assured of no lost data in any eventuality. 

Equipment protection 

Along with the data protection, a UPS backup power will ensure all the call centre equipment is protected from any sudden surge or dip in power. This saves a massive amount in terms of replacement costs. 

  • Maintain profitability

The minute a call centre loses power it loses communication with customers, and revenue. For third-party providers, the result is bad reviews which could see them losing business in future. A UPS backup power solution will diminish downtime and keep profitability high. 

  • Job security

The loss in revenue will result in workplace redundancy. By installing a UPS backup power solution, you will ensure everything is fully operational, reducing this risk substantially. 

To ensure a call centre is fully operational in the event of any electrical interference or loss, it’s worth consulting with industry professionals on the various backup power solutions available. There are a range of UPS types, suited to all call centre sizes and budgets. 

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