What do Solar Panels do and are They Right for my Home?

Homeowner interest in solar panels has risen 40% since 2016. With a growing concern of depleting fossil fuels and fighting climate change, going solar is more critical than ever. It’s also more accessible than ever.

What do solar panels do, exactly? The benefits of solar are well-known, but the deeper details might be unclear to many homeowners. In this guide, we’ll go over solar panel basics and whether going solar is right for your home.

What Do Solar Panels Do?

Solar panels are panels that use the power of the sun to generate renewable energy. These panels generate an electric flow as they push and pull electrons from atoms.

When the sun hits solar panels and the electricity forms, your home receives power through an inverter. The bigger your home, the more solar panels and bigger inverter you’ll need to power your entire residence.

Should I Get Solar Panels for My Home?

Solar panels can power your entire home and replace traditional grid electricity if used in conjunction with a storage battery. By running your residence on solar, you’ll save the significant amount of money you would have spent on electricity. Here are a few key reasons why going solar is a great decision.

Lower Bills

Energy bills tend to be much lower than average electric bills. Plus, if your solar panels produce more energy than your home requires, you will eventually be able to reduce your overall bill even further and export power to the grid once your local municipality allows for such.

Good for the Environment

Solar power is clean energy and an excellent investment for environmental health. By producing fewer dangerous emissions and greenhouse gasses than grid electricity, you’ll rest assured knowing you’re kind to the environment.

Reliable Energy Source

The sun will always be there despite the occasional cloudy day, so solar panels will never become obsolete. Even if you live in a particularly cloudy area, your solar panels will conserve its energy in a battery storage system from previously sunny days.

You Have a Backup Plan

In the rare situation where you run out of solar energy, many solar suppliers connect your system to a traditional power grid as well as a battery storage system. This ensures you always have a source of power.

What Size Solar Panel Do I Need?

The size of your solar panels depends on the size of your home and a few other factors. To figure out a rough estimate of your home’s needs, compare your home’s electric energy requirement against a solar arrays production.

If your home uses an abundance of electricity, you may need a large solar array with suficiant power. If you’re still unsure, professional solar panel technicians are useful resources for size and wattage questions.

Go Solar

Now that you know the answer to “what do solar panels do?” it’s time to consider whether you want to add solar panels to your home. With all its benefits, a solar-powered residence is a positive change that helps your family and the environment. 

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