What does a Power Loss Cost You?


Industrial Solutions


Industrial Backup Power Supply Solutions

JUP Solutions provides quality emergency power and standby power solutions for Industrial Businesses. These solutions include:

Because every industry is different, we provide customised products to meet your requirements, giving you the best solution for your application. We personally inspect the site to find the right solution for your needs and then give you various options to choose from.

The benefits of load shedding backup solutions:

  • No downtime and wasted staff resources
  • No loss of revenue – every minute of downtime costs the business money
  • No production wastage – you can’t get lost production time back

Our expertise and years of experience ensure you get the best solution for your requirements.

Some of the industries we service include: Manufacturing Plants; Bottling Plants; Packaging Companies; Printing Presses, and Refineries.

We provide the concept, design, implementation, and ongoing maintenance for your backup power supply needs. We pride ourselves in our ability to provide high-quality products at competitive prices, backed by expert after sales service and customer satisfaction, born out of a collaborative 50-years in the emergency/standby power solutions industry.