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Domestic Backup Power Supply Solutions

When it comes to domestic backup power supply solutions, we believe in keeping our offering SIMPLE, CHEAP and RELIABLE. Nothing beats good old conversation, games, reading and quality family time.

Our entry level options offer a Plug and Play Solution ideal for those household essentials.

We've put together a step-by-step guide to assist you in your choice. These are available directly from our Johannesburg or Durban offices and can be couriered countrywide. They are safe, user-friendly, portable and the best budget solution for your home or home-office.

At JUP Solutions, our aim is to offer excellent customer service, paired with the perfect solution for your needs. For home use, we often recommend a simple, tailored backup solution to keep the important aspects up and running during a power outage. It’s not always necessary for your everyday uses to be powered up during a 2-hour load-shedding power outage and can end up costing you excessively to do so. We generally suggest powering your Wi-Fi connection, a computer, and one light so that you can stay connected digitally during an outage, and continue working if need be, or catch up on those Netflix series.

What load shedding solutions does JUPS offer?

IG Series – Plug n Play

A simple, compact solution for home use, which allows you to seamlessly plug in and continue running a few necessities. More features.

LW Series – Hardwired

A more advanced power supply inverter solution, offering 3x peak power for a longer powered-up period. Compatible with solar and wind generated inputs. More features.

PSC Series – Hardwired Solar

The perfect scalable solution for home use. With a built-in solar charger, it offers faster charging with solar power, extended run-time, and excellent performance with 98% efficiency. More features.