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Top 7 Misconceptions About Solar Power

Solar power is fast becoming a must-have for homes and offices across South Africa, with location and needs determining whether off-the-grid, grid-tied or hybrid solar power systems are the first option. There are so many benefits to installing solar power systems, yet some people are still reluctant to choose solar because of misconceptions about this innovative system. Here we overturn the top 7 misconceptions. 

  1. Solar panels are too expensive

There is a common-held belief that solar panels and the installation process is extremely expensive, making them inaccessible to the average household. While there’s no doubt that you don’t want to choose a cheap option for your solar array – and some can be costly – there are several ways to offset the costs and actually benefit from massive savings in terms of energy over the next few years. A key cost-cutting measure is doing as much research ahead of time as possible. Look into things such as tax cuts and incentives for reusable energy that can save you. With renowned solar panel installation experts such as JUP Solutions, you’ll also be provided with custom-designed solar kits and scalable solar systems that can increase alongside your budget. While DIY solar installation is always a cost-saving option, it’s absolutely vital that you know what you’re doing or you risk paying more for repairs. 

  1. You need to live in a warm climate

In South Africa, we’re fortunate in that we have a lot of sunny days, but some areas won’t always get as hot as others, particularly inland in the winter months. However, it’s important to remember that solar panels will harness the sun’s energy and not the temperature, so you can use solar panels even in colder climates. In fact, with the high energy costs related to running artificial heating in homes in these cooler climates, solar panels are an even better idea as they offset these exorbitant energy costs. Cloudy climates, too, can also generate sufficient solar power and, if you reside in an area where snow is quite common, the panels will simply have to be adjusted to ensure the snow doesn’t collect. 

  1. You won’t have energy at night

When the sun goes down, there is obviously no sunlight to create the energy required, but this doesn’t matter. For those with a grid-tied solar power system, the surplus energy created in the day can be added to the grid so that you’re benefitting from an energy credit. For systems where there is no buy back of renewable energy, you can consider installing solar batteries (lead acid or the highly recommended Lithium batteries) which will store the excess energy for use at night. 

  1. Solar panels require a lot of maintenance

Another misconception is that solar panels require a significant amount of maintenance to keep them at optimal performance when, in fact, the opposite is true. Solar panels are incredibly sturdy pieces of equipment that have no moving parts and extensive warranties – many lasting longer than 25 years. You will need to clean them on occasion, but this is merely a hosing off of the panels once a year – although this could be done when it rains. Solar panels will experience an average drop of 5% to 20% in efficiency over their lifetime, however your inverter will eventually need to be replaced. 

  1. Solar panels damage your roof

Solar panels will actually form a protective layer over the roof, often preventing deterioration and leaks. However, it is important that the roof structure is inspected ahead of installation, and any repairs made beforehand. Modular solar panels will be installed on railings with sealants and metal flashings to create a barrier and protect the panel and roof. 

  1. Your roof isn’t right for solar panels

Because the solar panel installation by JUP Solutions is customised, it doesn’t matter what your roof type is, they can make a plan to install panels for your solar energy needs. The roof structure will be inspected to ensure it can sustain the weight, and the roof will need to have at least 15 years before replacement is needed. You can even look at installing fewer, high-efficiency solar panels if your roof space is limited. 

  1. Solar panels are unsightly

Some property owners are concerned about the bulky, obtrusive look of the solar panels and the potential decrease of property value. On the contrary, solar panels add immense value to any home, and the more modern design is much sleeker and thinner, providing a more seamless appearance than before. 

If you’re looking to benefit from renewable energy, don’t be put off my misconceptions and unsound advice. Contact JUP Solutions for the facts on solar power and find out how you can be part of the green revolution today.

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