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What to consider when selecting a generator

Selecting a generator

For most businesses, purchasing a generator is made as the business simply can’t afford the costly production loss from an extended power outage. Whereas for personal, the decision comes from the frustration of coming home in the dark to an outage or load shedding. Once you have made the decision to purchase a generator for your business or home, you need to decide on which make/model and size you require based on your needs. The following factors need to be considered when selecting your generator:

Brand of generator

Each brand of generator like a car, has its own parts and warranties that are specifically designed for that generator. It is important to make sure that the brand of generator or supplier will be able to supply the parts and service / warranty if necessary in the future.  This will impact the life span of the generator and justify the investment.

The size of the generator

The size of the generator depends on what you need to power up and how long you want to backup for. If you looking to power up a small office with 3 computers, you will need a small generator…while an office of 100 computers will require a large industrial size generator.

What motor you want to run

Generators use either a petrol or diesel motor to generate their power. Depending on run time and cost of petrol vs diesel (both for the fuel and maintenance) you would need to decide which motor to use.

Location of the generator

Depending on the space available around your building, this will determine how big your generator can be in size. Things to keep in mind when selecting the space for your generator are:

  • Exhaust location
  • How / where to fuel up
  • Accessibility for repairs and maintenance
  • Keeping it out of the rain and weather conditions

Run time of the generator

Each generator has a fuel tank which determines the length of time it can support your equipment for. A bigger fuel tank will allow the generator to run for longer as opposed to a small tank which will run for a short period of time.

Generator maintenance

Similar to your car you drive, a generator needs to be serviced / maintained to help ensure the equipment will work as expected during your time of need. Unlike your car, generators tend to be neglected while the power is running and there are no outages…as they are out of sight and out of mind. This can result in equipment failure during that critical time when you need it. It is vital that you keep your equipment maintained properly to ensure full operation when in use.

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