Commissioning Partner

The process by which equipment is tested to verify if it functions according to its design objectives or specifications.

Why Choose Us As Your Commissioning Partner

Choosing an experienced Installer is important in ensuring the safe and successful implementation of your Standby Power System with least impact on the environment and your business. Choosing unskilled or inexperienced suppliers can have disastrous and very costly consequences. We at JUP Solutions pride ourselves on being qualified, experienced, professional and above all 100% customer focused. We not only supply reliable solutions but we ensure our offerings are installed to the highest international and OEM requirements.

JUP Solutions provides an expert commissioning service to ensure your Standby Power System is ready to deliver reliably. Our technicians will set up your system in compliance with the appropriate OEM standards and carry out stringent checks on its operating functions and environment. Our professional commissioning also allows you to benefit from the full protection of your OEM manufacturer warranty. You can rely on our team of certified specialists to provide full operational training and hands-on advice.

It is never wise to commission a Standby Power System without the services of a professional service provider who is OEM Certified and experienced on the products you’ve installed. Choosing JUP Solutions is the smart thing to do as we have an extensively qualified Technical team who focus on service and support, ensuring we’re constantly available to cater to all of our clients’ standby power needs. With over 50 years of industry-specific experience and 9 factory-trained Technicians, we have your back 24/7.

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