The Financial Benefits of Routine Maintenance

Video Transcript –

You know when it comes to maintaining your UPS’s (Uninterruptible Power Supply) or standby power equipment, it’s always a good idea to keep the maintenance up-to-date. We normally recommend at least once a year. I suppose it’s like owning a car. If you don’t change the air filter or the oil in your car or the spark plugs in your car, it’s just not going to run at its optimal performance.

Pretty much like the equipment that we have. It’s power electronic stuff that attracts dirt, that attracts moisture. And so we just like to make sure it’s clean Also preventative maintenance, we can ensure that components and stuff aren’t degrading or ageing prematurely. We’re able to check things like AC capacitors, the function of fans, and just to the general operation of the equipment.2qw

So financially, preventative maintenance, yes it’s an annual cost, but down the line, it’s most likely going to save you a lot of money in the long run. It’s going to save you the losses that you might have or incur from downtime. So if the equipment fails, obviously no power, all your stuff is going to be down. If you’re a retail top store you can imagine people leaving their trolleys at the checkout.

If you have big production facility you can imagine losing a whole batch of whatever…sampling stuff or laboratory stuff that you’re running. And so, it’s always a good idea to stay on top of things, be proactive rather than reactive, when it comes to that. So for the small cost of ensuring that your equipment is maintained and well maintained by a reputable supplier, someone that’s qualified and has years in the industry and expertise.

It goes a long way to rather waiting for something to fail and then trying to react on that because like I said the downtime of it, it could be costly repairs that you could rather budget for. So if we can preempt something and say to you, “Listen, we can see that this stuff ageing, going to maybe last you another couple of months or a year.” At least you can start budgeting towards replacement thereof, or you can start budgeting towards the repair cost thereof.

So from a financial point of view, it definitely makes sense, you know? For a small amount of money now spent, goes a long way to the amount of savings that you’re going to make down the line with regards to that.

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