Maintenance Supplier

The Activity undertaken to conserve as nearly, and as long, as possible the original condition of an asset while compensating for normal wear and tear.

Why Choose JUP Solutions As Your Maintenance Supplier

Choosing an experienced Maintenance Supplier is important in ensuring the reliable operation of your Standby Power System with least impact to the environment and your business. Choosing unskilled or inexperienced suppliers can have disastrous and very costly consequences. We at JUP Solutions pride ourselves on being qualified, experienced, professional and above all 100% customer focused. We not only supply reliable solutions but we ensure our offerings are maintained to the highest international and OEM requirements.

Only a professionally serviced and maintained UPS offers the highest possible reliability with effective cost control. Based on our high standards and decades of experience, we are able to offer the highest level of detailed maintenance with comprehensive reports based on the key elements we’ve identified over our years in the Standby Power industry.

It is well known that scheduled, routine preventive maintenance performed by skilled and experienced service experts is the most cost effective way to ensure the optimum performance of your Standby Power System at all times. Our JUP Solutions Service Team provides total peace of mind by ensuring complete cost control, security and uninterrupted power supply for your most critical processes.

It is never wise to maintain a Standby Power System without the services of a Professional service provider who is OEM Certified and experienced on the products you’ve installed. Choosing JUP Solutions is the smart thing to do as we have an extensively qualified Technical team who focus on service and support, ensuring we’re constantly available to cater to all of our clients’ standby power needs. With over 50 years of industry specific experience and 9 factory trained Technicians, we have your back 24/7.

Type A

  • Monday - Friday

    08h00 - 16h30

  • 0800 (Toll Free)

    Response Number

  • Normal Hours Onsite Preventative Maintenance

  • Prioritised Callout Response


  • Discount on New Product Purchases


Type C

  • 7 Days a Week

    24 Hours a Day

  • 0800 (Toll Free)

    Response Number

  • Normal/After Hours Onsite Preventative Maintenance

  • Unlimited Response to Emergency Callouts Included

  • Discount on New Product Purchases


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